What is Cacao?

Called by Aztec and Mayan as Gods drink, for supporting their Spiritual Elevation and Happiness (Bliss), with over 1200 chemical constituents, Theobroma Cacao (theo = God, broma = Food) is one of the most complete foods and nutritious from nature. To this Ceremonial Cocoa we have added a special Bliss Mix, with Maca, Ashwanganda, Ginger and Cinnamon (to increase energy, stamina, endurance, temperature and hormonal balance) and other notes that will reveal the most delicious sensations of cocoa. Cacao Bliss Ceremonial promotes the connection, healing, expansion of Love's energy and brings a lot of inspiration! Perfect for a romantic date or for an enriching celebration between friends! Create a harmonious space with music, candles, incense sticks. Invoke the wisdom of the Cocoa spirit by placing an intention. Prepare Cacao Bliss with Love and Presence. Delight in the "drink of the Gods" that nourishes the body and mind, opens the heart and the spiritual connection. Dance, meditate, be creative. Celebrate Love & Happiness (Bliss).